Black Swan – NOT FOR SALE

Black Swans – NOT FOR SALE

Black Swan

Black Swan – Poggies Animal House- Sale of the most beautiful exotic pets

The Black Swan is, of course, a species of swan– a large waterbird that lives mostly in southeast and southwest regions of Australia. They are also now found in New Zealand, after they were previously hunted to extinction and then reintroduced. The Black Swan’s feathers are primarily black, with a line of white flight feathers on the edges of their wings. Their bills are red, and their legs and feet are grayish-black. Male black swans, called cobs, are slightly larger than females, or pens, but the average mature swan measures between 43 and 56 in length, 8.2–20 lbs in weight, and 5.2 and 6.6 ft in wingspan. While in water or flight, black swans may make bugling, trumpet-like sounds, as well as softer whistles.

The diet of black swans consists mainly of aquatic plants, and when on land they will graze on grass. Breeding season is the wet season, and females lay 4 – 7 eggs. Like many other water fowl, black swans lose all of their flight feathers when they molt, or shed after breeding, and they are unable to fly for about a month. Their preferred habitat is wetlands, and their wild lifestyles are adaptable and nomadic, with tendencies to migrate to where there is rainfall. Black swans have a lifespan of up to forty years.

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