Proper sunlight needed for pet monkeys

Proper sunlight needed for pet Marmoset monkeys

Make sure that before purchasing a baby Marmoset monkey that you have the proper sunlight needed for pet monkeys. Use this guide to figure out whether or not you need to change anything before taking your finger monkey home.

Proper sunlight for pet monkeys is incredibly important to keep them happy. Both the amount and quality of light, and the photoperiod (timing of light exposure throughout the day and year) are very important for callitrichids in captivity. In the wild some callitrichids experience different levels of light depending upon the strata they inhabit and the time of year. There is evidence that lengthening and shortening of daylight times throughout the year can trigger physiological changes related to reproduction.

Artificial light can be used to simulate tropical day length changes, especially in temperate latitudes far from the tropics. The average number of daylight hours should be 12 hours with minimal light (if any) used at night.

Consideration needs to be given to the use of ultra violet light in inside areas.

Windows and or skylights should always be provided for the animals. Natural sunlight is very important for the animals and lack of it can promote physiological changes related to reproduction, vitamin D synthesis and even the intensity of coat colour in lion tamarins. Skylights and windows should be UV penetrable if possible. Allowing the animals to monitor the outside environment through windows can also lead to a reduction in stress by providing the animals more choice within their environment. Windows can also serve as enrichment providing changing visual stimulation. Care must be taken that window placement also allows the animals privacy from curious members of the public and disturbances from maintenance, construction, and other activities.

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