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If you are looking for a baby finger monkey for sale, Poggi’s Animal House has these primates available throughout the year. If you’re interested in buying a companion of your own, you can either pick it up at our facility (by appointment only) or we can have it shipped to you via a private carrier.

By making the choice to own a primate as a pet, you are adding a member to your family. Though they do require attention and minimal work caring for them, monkeys make up for it in their cuteness and their love and devotion to their owners.

Though not usually the first animal that comes to mind when someone pictures a pet, primates are some of the most wonderful companions a human can have. Since Marmosets in particular can live anywhere from 17 to 20 years, they are a lifelong commitment but one that you will undoubtedly cherish. Your baby Marmoset will be able to grow old with you and your family, providing you with years of companionship, fun, and be a valuable addition to your family.

Before considering owning a finger monkey, you should be sure that your living conditions can and will support the health of your pet. Some areas don’t allow keeping of primates as pets, so it is wise to do your research on this prior to making the decision to buy a Finger Monkey for sale.

Once it is determined that you are allowed to own a Marmoset, you must ensure you can provide your new companion with its own living space. A proper cage is crucial; cages must be large enough that the animal can move about and be comfortable. Whether you plan to buy a cage or build one yourself, Galvanized after-welding non-rust wire and stainless steel clamps is essential to your Marmoset’s health. Also be sure to use non-treated, non-toxic wood for the next box.

Monkeys walking around the home unleashed and completely autonomous are commonly seen in films and television shows, but it is STRONGLY suggested you keep your marmoset on a leash, on your body or in the cage only. Keeping your monkey on a short leash, such as a 3-foot iguana leash, is ideal. This being said, it is better for your new friend to not be tied to any immovable object. If you plan on leashing your Marmoset, you should keep the leash tied to your body or in your hand so that your monkey is not left alone. Never ever let your marmoset monkey climb outside its cage or anywhere inside the house.

When it comes time to feed your new companion, the menu is quite extensive. A monkey’s diet may consist of commercial primate food, fresh or cooked vegetables, fruits, cereal, boiled or scrambled eggs, crickets, cooked chicken and nuts. Like us, Marmosets enjoy a variety of sustenance and need at least 10 different varieties of food in their diet to stay healthy. This is very simple, and you can prepare food in advance. Please see our feeding section for more in-depth information about properly feeding your marmoset monkey.

It’s essential to be very careful with your monkey if you plan on introducing him or her to other people or pets. Monkeys are good with well-behaved kids, and other animals like cats and dogs that are not threatening to the monkey.

Part of ensuring your monkey is friendly around other people comes with training. The age between 3 weeks and 90 days is the prime time for leash training and no-bite training and getting the monkey to bond with you and your family. Marmosets sold through Poggi’s Animal House are between 5 and 8 weeks old, and during the time they’re with us they’re being cared for by our staff and kept healthy and tame.

Contact us to choose a baby finger monkey for sale.

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