Siberian Lynx – NOT FOR SALE

Siberian Lynx – NOT FOR SALE

The Siberian Lynx, a subspecie of the Eurasian Lynx, is a medium-sized wild cat native to Siberian forests (Eurasian Lynx is also generally found in European forests and South and East Asia.) Siberian Lynxes can weigh up to 38 kg (84 lb) but have been reported to reach 45 kg (99) lb. Their habitat in the wild is coniferous forests, mixed woodlands, treeless tundra, and mountainous regions with some cover. Siberian Lynxes are mainly nocturnal. Their legs are extremely powerful, and large webbed and furred paws are like snowshoes. The lynx has distinctive ear tufts and a short tail, and a dense, brown coat of fur.

As solitary creatures, males and females come together only during mating season, and still the females raise kittens by themselves. Females usually produce a litter of 1-4 kittens after a 9 to 10 week gestation period. Lynxes are carnivores, and prefer to feed on small rodents and mammals, such as rabbits, wild boar, and deer. They have lived up to 21 years in captivity. Siberian Lynxes are willing to swim, and can jump seven feet in the air to catch birds. Sounds made by the lynxes are similar to those of housecats- they will often purr and mew, especially when caring for young.

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