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Albino Iguana

Albino Iguana – Poggies Animal House- Sale of the most beautiful exotic pets

Female Iguana

Female Iguana – Poggies Animal House- Sale of the most beautiful exotic pets

Iguanas are well-known, herbivorous lizards native to tropical regions of Central America and the Caribbean. They are highly adaptable to natural environments, and vary across their species. As herbivores, their ideal diet consists of dark, leafy greens. Body lengths of iguanas are usually 5-6 feet. Tuberculate scales

behind the necks resemble spikes and may be a variety of colors. Rows of spines run down the backs to the tails and to a third “eye” on their heads: this is the parietal eye, and can be seen as a pale scale on the top of the head. Life expectancy of iguanas is usually between ten to twenty years.

Iguanas are ectothermic, which means that they regulate their body temperatures from external sources of heat- in the wild, they must bask in the sun, but in a home you may replace some sunlight exposure with a light bulb and adhere to the iguana’s 12-14 hour light cycle. Their preferred temperature is 92-97 degrees F, and humidity is essential as most of iguanas’ water intake is from moisture outside the skin.

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