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Before You Purchase a Pygmy Marmoset for Sale, Make Sure It’s Legal

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Who can resist the large soulful eyes and endearing expression of that monkey in the window? Primates have always been on civilized man’s list of exotic pets. When it comes to popularity, the one that stands out is the marmoset, which is one of the smallest monkeys on the planet. Before acquiring a pygmy marmoset for sale, eHow lists the legal pre-requisites which need to be fulfilled.

Check with your local animal-control authority to see whether you need to obtain an exotic pet permit when you legally own a marmoset. While ownership of marmosets is usually allowed in most jurisdictions, an inspection from an animal-control officer may be required to determine that you have created a satisfactory habitat for the animal.

Habitat inspection
Once local animal control authorities give the go-ahead, pet owners need to have the animal’s future home inspected by the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) of the USDA. When the representative schedules a visit to the habitat, you will be required to turn over all veterinary records before you are granted a license to own, breed, or sell a marmoset. Given the playful nature of primates, their enclosures should be large (around 200 cubic feet) and be kept sanitary at all times.

Before You Purchase a Pygmy Marmoset for Sale, Make Sure It’s Legal

Your pet’s best vet
Marmoset owners are required to have a qualified veterinarian nearby for the animal’s annual vaccinations and check-ups. If the local veterinarian isn’t equipped to care for primates, he should be able to refer you to one who is. Owners should keep the animal’s medical records handy as APHIS personnel do conduct surprise inspections.

The right breeder
With this many guidelines to follow, you can’t take a chance with a breeder with a doubtful history. Patronize accredited breeders like Poggi’s Animal House which specialize in exotic pets and can provide the necessary paperwork for the animals they sell. The article suggests:

Ensure that a pet marmoset breeder has the appropriate USDA license, with documented APHIS inspections, before you purchase an animal. Some primate breeders are unscrupulous and may try to sell you an unlicensed marmoset for some quick cash. If a breeder cannot provide appropriate documentation to accompany the sale of a marmoset, you should report her to the USDA.

Loving means understanding
To properly care for a marmoset, owners should understand their needs. As social animals, they shouldn’t be kept in isolation and ignored. You should consider another finger monkey for sale to satisfy the need for companionship. Your undivided attention will also be required. Marmosets have been known to become rowdy when emotionally stressed. If you’re willing to invest the necessary time and resources for their care, you’re essentially guaranteed years of amusement with your primate buddy.


(Source: “How to Legally Own a Pet Marmoset”, 17 April 2014, eHow)

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