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Pygmy Marmoset for Sale: Proper Diet for its Nourishment and Growth

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Who would resist having a cute little finger-sized monkey as a pet? Don’t be fooled by these tiny creatures, though; they may weigh a mere 100 grams and be as tall as 11 to 15 centimeters, but they can leap up to more than 16 feet. If you’re still up for buying a legal pygmy marmoset for sale, you should know what to feed them. An article on Amusing Planet says:

Smallest Monkey

The pygmy marmoset survive on a specialized diet of tree gum. It gnaws holes in the bark of appropriate trees and vines with its specialized dentition to elicit the production of gum. When the sap puddles up in the hole, it laps it up with its tongue. It also lies in wait for insects, especially butterflies, which are attracted to the sap holes. It supplements its diet with berries, nectar and fruit.

The pygmy marmoset has been increasingly popular as an exotic pet, but they are very hard to keep. When a baby pygmy marmoset is taken away from the family it can often die quickly due to depression. Baby pygmy marmosets also need feeding every two hours for their first two weeks in the world so they can be very time-consuming pets.

Their natural diet in the wild consists mostly of samp made from dried corn kernels and gum acquired from trees. In your case, there’s no need to go through the fuss of foraging for these out there. Commercially manufactured pellets that contain essential nutrients are widely available in pet shops. Note that marmosets are used to having varied diets which is why it would help them adapt better if you will include fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, and even small insects.

They are very delicate and fragile animals that have many predators. This is why they feel safest when they are high in the trees. That’s why it’s best to hang their food or dishes at least a meter above the ground to match their natural eating pattern. Make sure to provide fresh water at all times to keep them well-hydrated.

A newborn requires feeding every 2 hours while adults can last from about 4 to 6 hours. Sudden and improper diet can lead to diarrhea, which is very common among marmosets. This can be an early symptom for infection and parasitic invasion which could put their health at risk or cause death.

Owning a marmoset can be very demanding and punishable if your state prohibits it. Before finding a finger monkey for sale from established stores like Poggi’s Animal House, Make sure you’re ready to take full responsibility.

(Source: Pygmy Marmoset – The Smallest Monkey, Amusing Planet, October 2013)

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