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Marmoset Monkeys for Sale: Applying for a Wildlife Permit in Florida

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Purchasing marmoset monkeys for sale isn’t as easy as walking up to a store and walking back home with a monkey in tow. Monkeys are classified as exotic animals, so people seeking to own one as a pet are required to contact the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) and apply for a wildlife permit.

Exotic Pet

You can apply for your permit in any branch. To make the entire process easier for you, here is a quick guide you can follow:

Determine the Class

The FWC groups all exotic animals under three classifications. Monica Weise of eHow provides more information on the classifications:

“Class I covers the most dangerous carnivores and primates, such as lions, tigers, chimpanzees and gorillas. Florida prohibits owning Class I animals as pets.

Class II animals include smaller carnivores and primates, such as monkeys, wolves and coyotes.

Class III animals are not specified. Consider any animal not on the Class I or II list as Class III.

Florida allows personal possession of Class II and III animals for qualified individuals.”

Determine the classification of the monkey you are interested in ASAP, as each class has a different application form. In the case of marmosets, they are classified as a Class III exotic animal. Due to the nature of Class III exotic animals, the application is free so long as it is for personal possession purposes.

Find a Veterinarian

In your application form, you need to state who your new pet’s veterinarian will be. You may need to ask experts like zoo keepers to find a veterinarian who is well-versed with this type of monkey’s anatomy. You can also ask a trusted exotic pet provider like Poggi’s Animal House to provide you with the name of a qualified veterinarian.

Hit the Books

You will be asked to answer and submit a questionnaire along with your application form. This questionnaire will gauge your knowledge of exotic pet ownership. You will also be required to create an emergency disaster plan. You will list down how you plan to act in the event of a natural disaster such as a hurricane or a flood. Since exotic animals require special living conditions, the FWC wants to make sure you know what you are doing.

Be sure to acquire your wildlife permit before driving up to purchase a monkey for sale. Reputable exotic pet providers will not sell you a marmoset if you do not carry your wildlife permit.

(Source: How to Obtain an Exotic Pet License in Florida; eHow)

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