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Thank you for visiting our page to learn about the wonderful marmosets we have for sale.

Marmosets are originally from Mexico and South America.

They are active and fun, frequently enjoying playing with others and running around the house and backyard.

marmoset for sale

Marmosets are more like humans than any other animal. They are the closest to us on a genetic level. So when you get a marmoset monkey, it’s very important to understand their personality. They basically have the intelligence of a 4 year-old and they can connect with you on an emotional level.


Like humans, marmosets love to chow. They also have a diverse palette, ranging from commercial primate food to vegetables, fruits, pasta, cereal, cooked chicken, nuts, crickets, scrambled eggs and more. Marmoset monkeys need at least 10 varieties of food to stay healthy, much like humans do.


Before you consider purchasing a marmoset, please review state law and regulations in your area. The first step is to contact the vendor who has the marmoset for sale (us) and ask about regulations. We can direct you to the right place. Secondly, you can check with the local animal-control authority. In most cases, owning a pet marmoset is legal but they do sometimes have to send out an officer to make sure you are providing a nice environment for your monkey. Some states have no laws on the books about monkeys, and others have a lot. Make sure to check local legal requirements before purchase.


Make sure that you live in an area with a legitimate exotic animal vet around. Marmoset monkeys can share many diseases with humans since their biology is much closer to ours. All of our animals are well taken care, vaccinated, and healthy when sold but you have to make sure they can be taken care of once they reach you.


The marmosets are an ancient species of monkey. They branched off from the Simiformes (bigger primates) about 40 million years ago and have been making mischief ever since! Scientists believe marmosets then traveled to South America on a land bridge that was there at that time or on a raft of vegetation. These kinds of “rafting events” were instrumental to the spread of monkeys around the world as huge pieces of vegetation or other matter come loose with monkeys and other animals on them and spread their species throughout the world. This is believed to have spread monkeys to Madagascar, Iguanas to South America, and Skink Lizards to the Cape Verde islands. While this seems crazy, at the time it is believed that the Atlantic ocean was much, much smaller than it is today and that the currents were quite slow.


You may already know that marmosets are color-blind. Unlike “old world monkeys,” these little creatures pretty much see in shades of blue.


These little marmosets make wonderful pets and after a while, you will see them as members of your family. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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