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Marmoset Monkey Diet!

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Now that your little cute furry friend is out of it formula days, what should you feed it to keep it in tip-top health? After 14 weeks, it’s time to break out the fruits, meats, cereal, veggies and… crickets!

Marmosets require a lot of Vitamin C and D3 and their diet should reflect it.

Your adult marmoset should have dry or canned fruits like mango, papaya, apples and bananas and fresh vegetables. Certain cooked veggies work too like steamed peas, cauliflower and broccoli. Make sure you always provide FRESH food for your little pet. Don’t let the food sit out all day. Just like how you wouldn’t eat spoiled food, neither will your monkey. (And if they do, it’s because they are really  hungry and eating spoiled food is never good for anyone’s health)

The proteins in their diet should consist of cooked chicken, turkey, or fish. Keep in mind it has to be cooked! You can add hard-boiled or scrambled eggs to their diet as well! Just like how humans need protein to survive and grow, so do marmosets. Just be sure to stay away from processed meats. The preservatives and additives are not good for their health.

For carbohydrates, it’s probably the most simple. All you need is some cereal that isn’t too intensely sugary. Stay away from things like Lucky Charms or Captain Crunch. Our staff favorite is Cheerios as it’s flavorful and healthy. As a substitute cereal, you can also use steamed rice.

As a treat, every now and then you can give your marmoset an insect like meal worms, grasshoppers or crickets. They might not seem appetizing to us, but they absolutely LOVE their bugs.

One last thing to note, DO NOT feed your monkey any junk food, candy, gum, grapes or chocolate. From our experience, grapes give marmosets diarrhea and that’s not very good.

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