White Necked African Raven – NOT FOR SALE

White Necked African Ravens – NOT FOR SALE

White Necked African Ravens for sale Florida

At 20 inches tall with a 3 foot wingspan, the White Necked African Raven is somewhat smaller than the Common raven but still quite a large bird. The raven is predominantly black with a slight purple gloss, with a short tail and a deep, strongly arched bill that has a white tip. It occurs in southern and eastern African in open, mountainous land. Ravens are universally famous for their intelligence and playfulness; they are generally very friendly birds and can frequently be spotted engaging in aerial aerobics. Mental stimulation is important, so toys are often used when they are kept as pets.

Ravens are omnivores, eating nearly anything that is edible. Their regular diet contains berries, seeds, insects, carrion, eggs of younger birds, and occasionally small mammals. In the wild, the White Necked African Raven usually nests on cliff ledges and sometimes trees. Females lay 3-5 eggs. Average lifespan is 25-50 years.

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