Black Spotted Leopard – NOT FOR SALE

Black Leopards -- NOT FOR SALE

black leopards for sale exotic black spotted leopard floridaBlack leopards are commonly, and can alternately be called black panthers. In the same species as the spotted leopard is the black leopard, whose black fur is a product of recessive genes in the parent cats. The difference in pigmentation is referred to as melanism, and spots are still visible on the black, melanistic leopard. Black leopards are particularly found in dense forest areas in Asia and Africa; more specifically, in southwestern China, Myanmar, Assam and Nepal, and other areas of India, and reports having recorded sightings in Ethiopia and Cameroon. Although leopards have the widest range of regions of all big cats, many of their populations are listed as endangered, especially outside of Africa.
The average weight of leopards is between 80 and 200 pounds, and they measure about two feet tall and five feet long. In the wild, leopards are known for their stealth and hunting, adaptability, strong swimming, amazing ability to climb trees, and their running speeds of up to 36 mph. They are often regarded with awe by people, for their strength, agility, and elegant beauty. Female leopards can give birth at any time of the year, and a litter includes just two or three cubs. Their diet is extremely versatile, and they have been reported to reach 21 years of age in captivity. Leopards are mostly nocturnal, so their days are spent lounging and relaxing. They prefer to live a solitary life, away from other leopards.

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Exotic Black Leopards in Florida

Black Leopard In Animal Sanctuaray Of Michael Poggi
Black Leopard Relaxing
Black Leopard in tree
Black Leopard Relaxing
Michael In Black Leopard Cage
Michael Poggi In Black Leopard Cage
Michael Poggi Moving a Black Spotted Leopard! - Poggi's Animal House
Introduction - Breeding a Black Spotted Leopard
Black Leopard at Breeding Facility
Black Leopard On Kitchen Table
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