Certified Wildlife Sanctuary Florida

USDA and Florida Fish and Wildlife Certified – Marmoset Monkey Dealer FL

USDA Certified

USDA Certified – Poggies Animal House- Sale of the most beautiful exotic pets

Poggi’s Animal House is a USDA and Florida Fish and Wildlife Certified facility. Our certifications demonstrate our cleanliness and the integrity of our operations. Our animals are treated humanely with respect and care by our crew of professional staff. Remember to always work with a certified company when handling animals.

Owner and Founder Michael Poggi loves animals – and we would NEVER sell any of our animals to testing facilities. Remember if you want to buy a marmoset monkey, it’s important to find someone with the right certifications. Unfortunately, the illegal monkey trade is alive and well in the US. Many people acquire monkeys illegally and contribute to their peril in their native habitats. They also may not properly care for or vaccinate the monkeys while they are trying to sell them. Not so with us, we are USDA certified and proud of it. Make sure any dealer you work with has this certification on their website!

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