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Finger Monkey for Sale: Can Your Household Care for an Exotic Pet?

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Most every household welcomes the addition of a pet. After all, pets in the household can be especially advantageous to kids, offering the little ones great companionship. Still, pets are not one and the same. Some require more care and attention than others, especially exotic animals.

A St. Petersburg college student, for example, recently showed her collection of exotic creatures at the New Smyrna Beach Regional Library in Florida to interested local kids and their parents. The college student believes that kids can take on the duties of caring for exotic pets as long as they are appropriately briefed on how to do so.

Library program introduces kids to exotic pet care

What it all comes down to is choosing the right animal companion for your home. A good choice is a pygmy marmoset, which is the smallest monkey in the world. These creatures are playful and loving, provided they are cared for by their owners properly. As such, before parents buy a finger monkey for sale to take home, they should assess if their household is indeed ready for such a responsibility.

Is there a vet nearby?

Pets will sometimes require medical attention, something that their owners won’t be able to provide. As such, it’s wise to scout for veterinarians within the neighborhood before taking a pet home. It doesn’t make sense to own a pet when one has to drive to another city to see a vet.

Do they have enough space?

Before parents purchase a pygmy marmoset for sale and take it home, they should try to free up as much space as possible. This includes getting rid of clutter like old newspapers and magazines. Pocket monkeys’ natural habitat is the jungle or rainforest, and while this will be impossible to replicate at home, of course, parents can instead get a large cage and fill it with something close like toys, plants, and towels.

Are they ready to fulfill required documents?

The purchase of exotic pets entails special permits and licenses in most states. As such, parents must verify their state policies before they buy. In addition, it pays to buy from a breeder certified by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), like Poggi’s Animal House, to ensure that they have the necessary documents.

An exotic pet in a household can be a life-changing experience, especially for kids. Still, not every household is equipped to handle such pets. As such, parents must first assess if their household is indeed ready to welcome pocket monkeys with open arms.

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