Jackson and his girlfriend with their new baby


Alex and Sal picking up their new buddy Tyson


Jodi picks up her Red Handed Tamarin Mico


Mary Mayhue and Donnie Harrington & their son talking about Poggi’s Animal House


Jasmine Carter


Katrina Jones








Teresa Moncrief


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The Simon family


Mary Rodriguez


Robert Jewel


Amy Foley


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Britt family


Matt Cowen – 2nd Marmoset!


Matt Cowen


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Daniel Pocius


Lexis Martinez


James Mentesana


James Mentesana

Poggi’s Animal House has been GREAT so far.  We picked ‘Banjo’ up at the airport on Monday night.  It is Thursday now and we have enjoyed every minute some far with him!  Michael and his crew has been great to us from start til flight!  They have continued to call and check on our little guy everyday.  Making sure he is ok and that we had no questions so far!  Highly recommend these guys if you are looking for a marmoset!

James Mentesana
Worshipful Master – Allen Lodge 1435
Hella Shrine – Membership Chairman

Schneider Joseph


Shannon Wilson


Travis Lane


Annette Watkins


Carla McClinton


Carolina Zygmuntowicz


Kathryn, Jack and Roo


Jason and Curtis

Rachael and Mark


Good afternoon
This is the Sanchez family and we are here at Poggi’s Animal House. We finally got our little baby “Abbie”. Ah she’s a common marmoset and um we went to the actual website. We did a little research before going on the website and um in the website it covered from a thru z ah every information that you can possibly think of this of this beautiful animal. Um we are here at Michael’s house ah and um he has beautiful animals here.
Ah everything has been explained thoroughly ah with no questions in our minds that ah we have any questions. Everything has been in detail and we are very very happy to pick up our new daughter.
They are available 24/7 for any questions. They have great staff, I’m very happy and super excited to take my baby.
Excellent customer service.
{Michael Poggi} Thank you very much guys, Thank you very much, I appreciate you very much.

Hear from People who Bought a Marmoset!

On May 6, 2014, at 8:28 PM, “Antoinette Piesche”  wrote:


My name is Ann. Since I was a kid, I’ve always wanted a monkey. I never thought it was possible, as so many states don’t allow “exotic” family members. After doing research for a number of years, I found a “loop hole”. In short, you can pretty much have one of these adorable babies just about anywhere.

I talked with several breeders regarding marmosets. Some knowledgable, some not. Again, researched diets, vets, etc etc. every piece of info I came across?  All lead me back to Mr Poggi. After several emails and phone calls, I chose to fly to Florida and see everything for myself. Plus I HAD to meet the man himself. I set my tickets to go. Mr Poggi was extremely accommodating. I came early, when most shops are closed. He was so gracious to open for me.

Here’s the kicker. I walked into this mans home. EVERYTHING was white. I thought, he’s nuts lol all white??!!  When it comes to ANY animal and their environment, I can be snobby. When I say you could eat off the floors?  I mean it. Nothing, and I do mean, nothing, was out of place. The entire home was SPOTLESS!  He has some monkeys in his home as well as outside in cages. I have no idea how he does it, but EVERY cage was spotless, every one. All the different breeds he has, not a speck out of place. His entire yard was immaculate!  I took note of every cage. Every monkey. Literally, everything. I have to say, I’m thoroughly impressed.

His entire staff is extremely knowledgable. Any questions?  Boom, answered. Any problem?  Called and regardless of the time, he was an absolute doll. Very patient with me. Took into consideration that I really didn’t know much, even after reading hours upon hours. Kind of like having a baby. You think you’re ready, when time comes, you’re not lol.

My BIGGEST recommendation?  Stick to EXACTLY what they tell you to do. They used powdered formula. I thought, premixed would be better. Same formula, different mix. By me giving my baby premixed, she had diarrhea. Immediately called Mr Poggi, was told what to do. Now?  Every YouTube he has, any emails he sends, I watch and read. If you can actually follow very simple rules?  No problem. I highly suggest if you want to welcome one of these stinkers in your home?  1). Contact and purchase from Mr Poggi.  I sincerely mean that. No one else. 2). Follow instructions to the “T” and you will have a very happy and healthy monkey. The rest is easy.

This type of family member is not for everyone. Having one of them is a commitment. Nothing to be taken lightly. Do your homework. Research the net. Then?  Call Mr Poggi. It’s a piece of cake. I absolutely adore “Kiki”. She goes literally everywhere with me. I can’t thank Mr Poggi or his team of experts enough!

I’m willing to take any emails if you wish to contact me further. Any questions about state laws, etc. thanks so much for your time!

Thanks Mr Poggi!  You’re the best!!


On May 6, 2014, at 8:53 PM, Michael Poggi <michael@themillionairesgroup.com> wrote:

Dear ann ,  you make me want to cry !  I honestly have never received such a good letter of reference ever in my life !   This letter has made me feel so good and so proud that I have come to this point in my life at the age of 48 years old to be able to provide the level of service you describe and the love and concern I give to my animals and my customers is a major accomplishment for me !!  You have made me feel so good and fulfilled !  Thank you from the bottom of my heart !!  I am here for you always as promised !!  Thank you for this amazing letter and more so your friendship !!!  Amazing !!!






May 6, 2014

Subject: Re: Letter of reference

Every word I said was true. Your babies are so well treated. I’m completely amazed. Others should strive to be more like you. I rescue so many animals. It’s a shame and breaks my heart to see the conditions some come from. You?  You care. You love. It shows in every single (hate this word) animal on your property. I’m in awe. Thank you for such a wonderful gift



Another Happy Marmoset Monkey Owner!

This is Sandy expressing her thanks to the friendly staff at Poggi’s Animal House.  She was very excited about the newest addition to their family, an adorable Marmoset Monkey named Chi Chi! Sandy is just one of the many satisfied customers who have purchased a marmoset monkey from Poggi’s Animal House. Service, information, and training to the customers is what matters most to Michael and all the team members at Poggi’s. So if you would like information on purchasing a Marmoset Monkey, or information about other exotic animals, simply give them a call at: 954.708.9441 or visit www.poggisanimalhouse.com



“We’re very happy with our purchase of our marmoset monkey. He was in perfect health when we picked him up from Poggi’s Animal House, and the staff was very helpful with information on the care of our monkey. Even after bringing our monkey home, they still answered any questions we had about the care of the money. He has grown so much since we first brought him home. He is doing well and seems pretty happy with his new home. He has bonded very well with all our family in the house and is very friendly most of the time. We are thinking about buying another monkey later on from Poggi’s Animal House. We are most pleased with our little baby monkey.”

Richard & Tracy Davidson
Knoxville, TN


“We have had the marmoset for 3 weeks now. It is the nicest animal I have ever taken care of. Poggi’s Animal House does a great job with caring for these animals. They also tell you exactly what needs to be done the day you pickup, or have it shipped to you. I can not wait to get him a playmate through Poggi’s Animal House. My family and I love Clyde “the marmoset”. He loves to play, and swing, and climb and is only 8 weeks old. If anyone wants a monkey start at Poggi’s, they will treat you right.”

Scott R.
Dallas, TX


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